Grid Project
Grid Project
A love letter to the LeMans Group C era
What started as a birthday present to a world-renown designer quickly blossomed into a full paddock of 16 racecars designed in a virtual studio by globally-dispersed innovators. Developed in record-time through the use of VR and CGI technology, this is the 2023 season of The Grid Project.

David 'Nemo' Neal

Nyko DePeyer

Aurelien Francois

Maro Radenovic

Kaitlin York

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Product Design & Engineering
Physical & Digital Marketing Collateral
Competitor & Market Analysis
Design DNA

LMH and LMDh rules and regulations were developed to make entry into the sport more affordable and more flexible, as well as safer. Some companies were spending upwards of $200 Million on vehicle development, and when Porsche and Audi left LMP1, leaving Toyota as the sole company, it became clear that things needed to change.‍

The Grid Project evolved the idea that the FIA, ACO and WEC would evolve rules led to the discussion of adding a 3rd Hypercar tier with the goal of pushing the limits. This led to the concept of the LeMans Extreme Hypercar, which would have slightly different regulations than the hypercar class.

16 vehicles, designed and conceptualized to include powertrain, drivetrain, and ergonomic considerations, based on proposed driving dynamics stemming from educated estimates from subject matter experts and real-world track conditions were developed in a virtual studio by a global team from Detroit, Dallas, and Prague.

Two teams per vehicle results in 34 unique liveries, all based on real-world or conceptual-yet-realistic partnerships and sponsors. To guide the development of each vehicle, a complete set of rules, specifications, and constraints are applied to create a realistic and viable race segment. Completed in collaboration with Gravity Sketch and revealed at the 2023 Around Conference in conjunction with a keynote address by David 'Nemo' Neal and Nyko DePeyer. Watch the keynote here.