Restless Network
Restless Network
A New Social Frontier
Building community requires a deep understanding of the audience and their aspirations. Meeting them in the real-world is a step towards crossing that bridge.

Photographer: Terica Bowser

Campaign Development
Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Sourcing & Procurement
Physical & Digital Marketing Collateral

While the purpose of company merch is to generate brand awareness and community, it's also important that it doesn't feel like a walking billboard. Our challenge was to craft a unique collection that generated buzz and intrigue for the Communia App while aligning with what the Communia audience actually wanted to be wearing.

A highly curated merchandise collection of bespoke pieces that offered the security of a trusted Hoodie, but also challenged the expectations of company merch by including elevated pieces in unexpected fabrications like denim and silk as well as story-telling graphics. To bring the collection together we crafted a creative direction that told the story of who Communia is and where the start-up was heading; 'A New Social Frontier'.