E71: Vintage EV Motorcycle Conversion
Based on the 1936 BMW R71, Revolt Motorbikes wanted an instant classic for the electric age. By taking styling cues that purists love, injecting a little futurism, we updated the user experience all the way to the core.
Brand Strategy
Design DNA
Competitor & Market Analysis
Ergonomic & Ethnographic Research
Product Design & Engineering
Prototype Fabrication

To create a future-forward electric motorcycle based on a 100 year old classic. The difficulty lies in updating vintage styling to work with modern aesthetics, to refine the user experience and ride quality while retaining the look and feel of the original. The custom-built powertrain/drivetrain should be user-friendly enough to be able to be bolted on in someone's garage, and robust enough to withstand consistent use. This unit will be refined in future iterations for boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) applications in Central Africa.

Sure the bike is nearly silent, is half the weight, much more comfortable, has a 100mi range and a top speed of 70mph, but the improvements don't stop there. Working with industry-leading vendors to develop a proprietary powertrain, a comprehensive and robust global supply chain, the E71 is a multi-tiered conversion approach; whether a customer needs just the drivetrain or the complete kit that includes a low-voltage system, brakes, suspension, lighting, and aesthetic components, Revolt Motorbikes can offer it all.