Director of Design

A prolific DJ and graffiti artist, proud father to 7 children, and a true innovator in the transportation industry. Coming from an unconventional rise to a leader in the transportation design industry, Nemo (a nickname from his record-spinning DJ endeavor) has spoken at multiple events including CES, co-hosts Sketchbattle, and helmed the Grid Project.


With over 15 years in the automotive industry, Nemo was one of the leaders of the Local Motors' Olli development team, as well as their co-creation platform. He was instrumental in drafting several standards in autonomous vehicle design, including the audiovisual user experience. A founding member and Design Director of Modus Applied Innovations, his work was key in their rise to a world-class product innovation agency. Capitalizing on his vast experience, knowledge, and creativity, he transitioned into the Director of Transportation & Mobility as Modus merged with Louder Group in 2023.