Principal Engineer

Recipient of Invention and Innovator of the Year awards (2004) from the US Patent Office, as well as recipient of over 25 patents and countless patent claims, Brad is considered a worldwide expert in rugged tablet computing. His 20+ years of global experience as an innovator and visionary has led to success across a broad range of products including the most profitable airline seat in history, the world's 1st wireless charging pad, and a paradigm-changing fiber-optics communication system among others.


Brad started tinkering with machinery and cars as a child, and grew to become a world-renowned expert in mechanical engineering, receving the USPTO's Innovator and Innovation of the Year Award for his work for Corning's fiberoptic products. His huge range of experience includes leading the engineering efforts of the world's most best-selling commercial airline seat, one of the world's first tablet computers (which also happed to be a ruggedized, military-spec device), and several electric vehicles. He co-founded Modus Applied Innovations in 2019, and became the Principal Engineer of Louder Group's Studio efforts when the two merged in 2023.