Human(ish) Resources

Meet Bones, our furry luminary steering the HR ship at Louder Group, a pulsating hub of creativity where ideas resonate and tails wag in harmony. Bones infuses the workplace with a distinctive canine charm, ensuring it's not just a breeding ground for creativity but a haven where humans and canines alike can thrive. With a nose for talent and an uncanny ability to fetch solutions, Bones has transformed Louder Group into a symphony of innovation and collaboration. His "Bonespiration" sessions are legendary, proving that a bit of tail-wagging enthusiasm can be the catalyst for groundbreaking ideas and a cohesive team spirit.


As a seasoned HR professional, Bones boasts an illustrious career with roles such as Lead Paw-sourcing Specialist at HarmoniBarks and Canine Culture Coordinator at WoofRhythms. His extensive experience includes pioneering initiatives like the "Louder Barkboard," an innovative platform for sharing and celebrating team achievements, and the introduction of the "Howl-O-Recognition" program, a unique employee recognition system. Bones' commitment to fostering an environment where individuality is celebrated and collaboration is second nature makes him the top dog in HR at Louder Group, elevating the workplace experience for everyone, from the creative minds to their loyal canine companions.