Amplify your startup. Accelerate your exit.
What is forward™
what is Forward™
what is forward™
Forward is a business development program for established startups seeking to accelerate their pathways to acquisition or market-share dominance.

Forward™ has been specifically crafted by the minds of Louder Group, a capital and creativity house, to change the game for buzzworthy founders.


Less than 5 years since established date
Less than $1M from any source of combined capital
Between $250,000 and $1.5M in average annual revenue
Desire to exit within 3-5 years
Founder must be full-time at the company
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How does it work?

The investment for Forward™ is $33,000 (payment plans available)

Forward™ is a business service consisting of logistics, branding, web design, and consulting contracted services.

Forward™ is tax-deductible for most US-based businesses.

Executive Programming

Twice a month you’ll join your 2024 Forward™ class for live sessions spanning four integral components to scaling a successful startup:

- Strategy and Business Development
- Product Design
- Development and Integration
- Creative Direction
- Logistics and Operations

Your community will be filled with like-minded doers, who are also looking for deep connection with peers, true strategic partnership, and thought-leadership.

Fractional CMO + CPO

We are proud to present Fractional Leadership to each of the Forward Founders for the 2024 Cohort. Your leadership team will be comprised of Alia Oneal, serving as your Fractional Chief Product Officer, and Katarina Terentieva, serving as your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer.

 Alia, your CPO will partner with you on strategic and financial decision making concerned with your product line, potential releases, product features and the logistical operations of your business. Katarina, your CMO will partner with you on the presentation and positioning of your business; guiding you through exercises to dive deeper into the health and potential of your startup.

Done For You Services

We know that all startups are not built equally that’s why Forward is customizable to your businesses most pressing needs. Choose any three of the available agency services to aide in upleveling your Forward experience.

- Rebrand or Brand Refresh
- Website Design and Development
- Packaging Design and Development
- Ecommerce Fulfillment + Warehousing
- White Labeled Customer Service
- Corporate Merchandise Collection
- Photo and Video Shoot
-Digital Marketing Campaign

Dates to know

Forward™ is a 6-Month accelerator program that runs January - June 2024. Founders that participate should expect to commit at minimum 2 hours per week throughout their Forward™ experience in 2024.

Applications Open: October 16, 2023
Applications Close: December 15, 2023
Forward™ Class of 2024 Welcome Week (Virtual): January 8 -12, 2024
Forward™ Class of 2024 Graduation / Pitch Week (Dallas, TX): June 27 - 29, 2024